30m3/H Oilfield Drilling Mud Shale Shakers

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Gedetailleerde informatie
Capaciteit (m3/h): 30 De Macht van de dunne modderpomp (KW): 7.5
De Druk van de dunne modderpomp (MPa): 1.0~2.0 De Macht van de schalieschudbeker (KW): 1.5
De Trillingskracht van de schalieschudbeker (KN): 30 Het schermgrootte (mm): 1400X600
Kegelaantal: 3 Scheidingsgrootte (μm): 10-30
Totale Macht (kW): 9 Systeem Max.Size (mm): 1650X1450X2150
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mud shale shakers


oilfield shale shakers


30m3/H shale drilling shakers



HDD Mud Recycling System With Modular Design And Small Footprint



Shale shaker is ideal equipment in treating bigger particles in drilling fluid and other area s which need separate bigger particles.

High precision, big vibration capacity , well buffer effect, environmental protection, low energy consumption, corrosion resistance and long service life.

Vibrating motor adopt international famous brand, high efficiency, low noise, and can satisty the vibration intensity for a long time.

Screen box is streamline design, the overall heat treatment to reduce the mud buffer flow impact on the screens. The screen box can be adjusted high and low freely.

Plate frame type shaker screens can make sure mud on the screen uniformly distributed. The compaction device operating easily and convenient screen replacement.

Product parameters


Model CSJ-FN-30C CSJ-FN-60C CSJ-FN-120C CSJ-FN-200C
Capacity (m3/h) 30 60 120 200
Slurry pump Model DC-EHM-1.5C DC-EHM-3C DC-EHM-3C DC-EHM-4C
Power (Kw) 7.5 11 22 37
Pressure (MPa) 1.0~2.0
Shale shaker Power(Kw) 1.5 2 3 3
Vibration force(KN) 30 40 60 60

size (mm)

UP 1400X600 1700x700 1900X1000 2100x1200
Down 1400X600 1700x700 1900X1000 2100x1200
Cone Model FN-100 FN-150
Cone Number 3 6 12 8
Separation size (μm) 10-30
Total Power (KW) 9 13 25 40
System Max.Size(mm) 1650X1450X2150 2000X1600X2250 2170X2000X2400 2400*2300*2400
System weight (Kg) 1200 1900 2500 3500



Usage and Applicability


Drilling fluid shale shaker is the primary solids control equipment in the drilling fluid solids control system.

The shale shaker sreens the drilling fluid with great amount cuttings,separates the large-size solid particles ,and sent the drilling fluid to the next seperating equipments.

the Shale Shaker has the advantages of simple structure,reliable performance,large disposal capacity,long service life,and simple maintenance.



Structure and Operating Principle


The shale shaker is composed of feeding tank,base,screening box,and vibrating motor etc.six isolation springs sustain the screening box on the base.three same or different mesh screens are installed on the screening box working surface.

Having absorbed the latest achievements in screening machine at home and abroad and integrated the strong points of circle and rectilinear vibration, the shale shaker greatly raises the speed of carrying drill cuttings and boost through–screen quantity of drilling liquid, thus avoiding pasting on the screen. The shale shaker takes double explosion-proof vibration motors as vibrating source, and forms rectilinear movement by the action of reversal rotation vibration motors. It is especially applicable in the working conditions with stratigraphic fluctuation. Its advantages become more apparent as drilling liquid is of much higher viscosity.


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